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[bunch_service_planing image=”827″ title=”Internal Audit & Assurance” text=”Internal audit is a key pillar of good governance. It provides the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Executives and stakeholders with an independent view on whether the organisation has an appropriate risk and control environment, whilst also acting as a catalyst for a strong risk and compliance culture within an organisation.

Internal Audit is not just the verification of financial data, It is the assessment of risk of a company as a whole. To do this, we work with management to systematically review systems and operations. These reviews are aimed at identifying how well risks are managed including whether the right processes are in place, and whether agreed procedures are being adhered to. Internal audits are organised under an ongoing program of review and advisory activity this is based on the strategic needs of an organisation.”]

[bunch_service_plan_feature cat=”services-plan-feature” sort=”date” order=”ASC” title=”Services includes:” feature_str=”Designing Internal control system
Assessment of risk
Periodical Audit
Helping protect assets and reduce the possibility of fraud
Process walk through and documentation
Control assessment
Ensuring compliance with laws and statutory regulations
Establishing monitoring procedures” num=”3″ text_limit=”18″]
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