Case Study

Why should you consider outsourcing your Finance and Accounts to the experts?

Because, we can deliver you the best results like we provided to Ms. Harini Kota who runs a Sports Trust along with an Olympian Mr. Ashish Ballal who was facing a lot of issues in maintaining her Book of Accounts everyday due to below mentioned reasons,

1. Hiring a In-experienced Accountant
2. Irregular staff and non-monitoring as it was not her core area
3. Lack of time and lack of expertise in Subject

Sreshta Global works with few others like Ms. Harini Kota. We truly understand the difficulty and the issues which would make them fail if they don’t comply the rules that need to be followed to keep your book of accounts clean for less hassle in running the business.

Perhaps, Sreshta Global offered a special package to manage her book of accounts and keeping accounts updated to have the accounting & auditing smooth in the financial year end process at only Rs. 9000.00 per month – Guess what, she was able to hire a man-hours of a well experienced & reliable Chartered Accountant who has been practicing for 9+ Years now at an unbelievable price.

Wow, that is a great deal said Ms. Harini Kota !!

Now she is happily concentrating on her core tasks while we, Sreshta Global is taking care of the rest and she is interested to give her feedback on us if you are willing to know more. Please contact us and we can facilitate you to talk to her.


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