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[bunch_service_planing image=”872″ title=”Book Keeping Services” text=”Accounting is the most important function of your business and you cannot afford it to be handled by an inexperienced staff. It’s not about managing your finances alone, it is about evaluating your business growth.”]
[bunch_service_plan_feature cat=”services-plan-feature” sort=”date” order=”ASC” title=”Services Includes:” feature_str=”Setting up an Accounting System
Accounting of Transactions
Preparation of MIS
Statutory Compliance
Tax Planning
Cash flow management
Budgets and forecast
Receivable management
Accounts Payable
Fixed Assets verification & Register maintenance” num=”3″ text_limit=”18″]
[bunch_service_tabs cat=”bkservices” sort=”date” order=”ASC” num=”3″ text_limit=”60″]
[bunch_profit_improvement title=”Business Evaluation” text=”We assist organizations to evaluate the financial position by designing the tailor made Management Information System and periodical discussions. We are not mere providing accounting services but partnering business in their growth and success.” feature_str=”Cost-reduction opportunity analysis
Revenue and margin improvement strategies
Tax planning and business restructuring” value_one=”65″ value_two=”13″ value_three=”22″]
[bunch_profit_improvement title=”Profit improvement” text=”We assist organizations that are under performing or seeking profit as well as those in transition those or in the midst of a significant whatever the situation.” feature_str=”Cost-reduction opportunity analysis
Revenue and margin improvement strategies
Lean, Six Sigma and continuous improvement” value_one=”65%” value_two=”13%” value_three=”22%”]
[bunch_strategy_development title=”Strategy development” value1=”65″ value2=”59″ value3=”80″ value4=”81″ value5=”56″ value6=”55″ value7=”0″]
[bunch_call_to_action3 title=”At Sreshta Global we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance.” btn_link=”” btn_text=”REQUEST QUOTE”]